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Your dog means the world to you, but do you feel guilty about leaving them at home while you go to work or run errands?

I can help take that guilt away by picking your dog up and taking them on a new adventure everyday. They will become a very much-loved part of my pack and treated exactly as one of my own.

First, I get to know your dog in their own environment. See what their favourite toy and treats are. This builds the bond between us and very quickly we grow a very close relationship. 

My main priority is safety first, so I will not let dogs off lead to chase off after other dogs or small animals that are around. This increases the chance of them going missing or in the current climate being stolen. 

What makes me different to lots of other dog walkers is that I play training games throughout our adventures which keeps focus onto me. This makes the walks varied and gives the dogs the mental stimulation as well as the physical exercise that they need. 

When I am 100% confident that your dog is fully engaged with me in every environment, they can then have off-lead time. 

With me, your dog will be properly socialised, mentally challenged and returned home happy and content.

I can keep you updated on your dog’s day with regular pictures and video updates on Facebook or privately if preferred. 

For dogs that may have any behavioural problems, this is also a good way for you to put my techniques into practice and you can be guaranteed to have the most enjoyable, fulfilled walks on your own with your dog.

Unfortunately, not all dogs will be suitable, so please note that I am unable to take on any dog that is aggressive. This is for the safety of all client’s dogs and any we may encounter on a walk.

Price includes:

  • Pick up
  • Drive to and from the park
  • Up to a 1.5 hour adventure
  • Fresh water after walk
  • Paw wash and rub down
  • Returned home and settled in
  • Fill up water bowl with fresh water and fed if needed
  • Feedback message 


Do you go away on holiday and worry about who can look after your cat or other small animal?

Worry no more because I can visit every day and make sure your pet has food and fresh water.

Cats can become stressed when put into a cattery and would be far happier to stay in their own home. I can offer a visit to check on your cat so they can have some company and play time.

The added bonus of this service is your home is safely secure each day and I even bring in your post, put out your dustbins, open curtains etc. Price includes:

  • 30 minute visit
  • Fresh food and water given to your pet every day
  • Change litter tray if needed
  • Some social interaction
  • Check home is secure


The park may be just around the corner for walks but if you do not have your own transport to get your pet to the vets or groomer I can help

My van is fully equipped with bespoke secure cages and air conditioning and I can offer you the service of taking your pet wherever they need to go.

Are you moving home and not sure what to do with your pet to keep them safe? I can transport your pet from home to home.

Please note that this service is just for pets. I do not hold a carriage license or insurance to carry passengers.


PRICES - All subject to requirements and bespoke quotes are available





  • 15 MINUTE - £12.00
  • 30 MINUTE - £15.00


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